About the project

Vidusign is creating a European framework to promote the visual, digital and literacy competencies of young Deaf people aged fifteen to twenty four in the transition period from school to work. This is increasing their potential for employment, by supporting additional competencies and enabling them to express themselves more freely through their own self-expression.

Deaf youth, across Europe, are still far away from reaching the employment target of 75% given in the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy. This is directly connected to the high number of school dropouts among Deaf students.

The Creative Classrooms study proves that ICT plays a major role in developing key competences and stimulating creativity in education and lifelong learning. As the continuous popularity and growth of YouTube shows, the availability and ease of access to video today is unparalleled. The medium holds great potential for the Deaf community, as it builds on visual competences Deaf people need acquire because seeing is their primary sensory perception.

Visual expression can also be regarded as the strongest cultural interface between the hearing and non-hearing world.

Vidusign utilizes ICT to raise awareness of and solve problems Deaf youth face in everyday life and during the transition from school to work.

Vidusign is directly including Deaf people in the processes of a European educational project. They are essential participants in the creation of pedagogic materials, video production and subtitling, workshops and training as well as dissemination and promotion through relevant channels of the Deaf community.